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The Alluxio Enterprise 2.10.0-2.3 patch includes configurable improvements to UFS read and metadata sync behaviors as well as improvements to the S3 API. It is recommended to set the newly added property to higher value, such as 4MB, for improved UFS read performance. If a user has an object store as UFS and does not rely on inode permissions in Alluxio for access control, setting alluxio.master.metadata.sync.recursive.load.parent.dirs=false will improve metadata sync performance. This is especially helpful when the UFS does not have a definition of directory, such as Alibaba OSS.


  • Fix ufs read timeout
  • Add an option to skip persist/check parent dirs in metadata sync
  • Fix monitor process if delegation token enabled
  • Respond with unsupported message when GetBucketLocation
  • Load content hash as the etag of the object when the UFS is S3

Configuration changes

Property keys added and their default values

  • alluxio.master.metadata.sync.recursive.load.parent.dirs=true


The Alluxio Enterprise 2.10.0-2.2 patch includes improvements to file permissions and a feature to avoid accessing the cache for paths specified in configuration.


  • Add direct access option to avoid caching certain paths
  • Get User/Group/Permission of existed objects in OSS ufs
  • Support Mkdir/CreateFile with configured default umask in HDFS API
  • Add worker vCPU info to fsadmin report capacity command

Configuration changes

Property keys added and their default values

  • alluxio.underfs.oss.default.mode=0700

Property keys removed


Property keys with modified default values



The Alluxio Enterprise 2.10.0-2.1 patch includes fixes in the areas of the proxy service, S3 API multipart uploads, and pinned files.

Several new capabilities can be enabled via configuration or flags:

  • Add an option to deny permissions in the case where the requested path is not defined by any Ranger policy
  • Support configuring multiple independent KDCs

For the CLI commands bin/alluxio fs ls and bin/alluxio fs loadMetadata, there will be a limit of 1 million files imposed on the operation. To ignore this limit, add the -n flag. This restores the previous behavior but is not recommended. To set a different limit, set -Dalluxio.user.file.metadata.sync.limit=<newLimit> when executing the bin/alluxio command.


  • Avoid copying properties in HdfsUnderFileSystem
  • Alluxio talks to multiple independent KDCs in the same cluster.
  • Enhance Ranger policy by Implicit deny for requests to paths not covered by Ranger ACL policies
  • Fix key distribution for proxy
  • Replication Checker shall remove pinned file if not found in UFS
  • Alluxio S3 API “list-multipart-uploads” returns no results with “multipart.upload.write.through” enabled
  • Trino client stuck on acquiring a lock for getting the worker lists from the master node
  • Add limits to ls -R operations

Configuration changes

Property keys added and their default values

  • alluxio.user.file.metadata.sync.limit=1000000

Property keys removed

  • alluxio.master.persistence.checker.interval
  • alluxio.master.persistence.initial.interval
  • alluxio.master.persistence.max.interval
  • alluxio.master.persistence.scheduler.interval
  • alluxio.user.file.replication.durable
  • alluxio.user.file.ufs.tier.enabled

Property keys with modified default values



The Alluxio Enterprise 2.10.0-2.0 patch introduces bug fixes and improvements in the areas of metadata sync and graceful shutdown of worker process.


  • Fix a bug that creates 0 byte block file mistakenly
  • Fix corrupted block causing reads to fail
  • Fix s3 force path style
  • Implement metadata sync V2
  • Fix FileSystemMergeJournalContext related
  • Make capacity command show worker state
  • Support gracefully shutdown worker
  • Improve proxy register functionality and command


We are thrilled to announce the release of Alluxio 2.10.0! This is the first release on the Alluxio 2.10.X line. This release introduces significant improvements in handling journal snapshots to reduce the duration of master failovers. Multiple improvements and fixes were also made for the S3 API, metadata sync, as well as the Kubernetes helm chart and operator.


Journal snapshot

The embedded journal relies on the snapshot mechanism to keep each master’s journal from growing unbounded and to enable fast recovery on failovers and crashes. The implementation has been modified to increase generation and recovery performance by 95%. These changes will greatly contribute to decreasing the duration of master unresponsiveness in the case of a failover event. See the pull request for more details.

Proxy server refactor for improved S3 API

The proxy server now offers a beefier request handling framework, separating high vs low latency requests to resolve the noisy neighbor problem in flow control. This refactor of the proxy server results in better control over various scenarios to allow Alluxio to respond more accurately according to the S3 API specification. By decoupling the dependence on Jetty, there is more control on handling the I/O from ingress and egress through the HTTP connection. The new version of the proxy server can be enabled by setting the property value alluxio.proxy.s3.v2.version.enabled to be true. See the pull request for more information.

[EE] S3 API OIDC authentication integration with OPA

The proxy server will pass the OIDC token (JWT token) to OPA if the user sends the token as part of the S3 API request and OPA authorization is enabled in Alluxio. The user then can add logic in their OPA policy to utilize the JWT token to interface with authorization providers external to Alluxio. This feature enables the user to add or remove any fields in the JWT token without modifying Alluxio and validate the fields independently. See the documentation for more information.

[EE] K8s helm chart and operator enhancements

Different sets of configuration files for deploying Alluxio on Kubernetes are provided with helm charts. With the new sets of default configurations, the Alluxio cluster has better scalability and performance on certain analytical queries. Configurable pod status check is now enabled on the Kubernetes operator. Using built-in probes, Kubernetes will periodically check the health of the pods in the cluster.

Improvements and fixes

Notable configuration property updates

Property key Old 2.9.0-1.0 value New 2.10.0-1.0 values PR
alluxio.job.request.batch.size 20 1 #16802
alluxio.master.filesystem.merge.inode.journals true false EE only 20000 10000 #16998
alluxio.proxy.s3.multipart.upload.cleaner.enabled true false #16937
alluxio.underfs.eventual.consistency.retry.max.num 20 0 #16887
alluxio.user.file.create.ttl.action DELETE FREE #17039
alluxio.worker.fuse.mount.options direct_io attr_timeout=600,entry_timeout=600 #16579

Changelog since 2.9.3

Refer to previous release notes for recent open source releases:


Journal and Metastore

  • Fix Rocksdb thread safety using refcount(no lock) (#17171) (9f152c)
  • Enhance embedded journal checkpointing significantly (#16998) (8cbcbc)


  • Support cron timer to arrange the period heartbeat executor invoke time (#16900) (fd19fb)
  • Avoid getting meta sync lock if no need (#17172) (875f3f)

S3 API and Proxy

  • Enable bucket cache in v2 s3 proxy (#17022) (46270b)
  • Fix CopyObject writetype and unclosed outstream in InitiateMPUpload (#17164) (01bfec)




Enterprise changelog since 2.9.0-2.0

Refer to previous release notes for recent enterprise releases:


  • Add distributed copy command line (37418f61da)
  • Fix shading for ByteBuddy (8d388061c5)
  • Add region for AWS security token service client (5a33b7714b)
  • Handle more methods from FSDataInputStream in ShimHdfsDataInputStream (7b348fcb35)
  • Fix taking wrong metrics in collectUtilization command (e2fc04f916)
  • Add collectUtilization command (c967539c57)
  • Fix FileInfo tokenBag NPE (8cba187570)
  • Add path based policy for PDDM (d9c92d348f)
  • Turn off merge inode journals property (a7b8ae3133)