Admin Command Line Interface

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Alluxio’s admin command line interface provides administrators with operations to manage the Alluxio filesystem. You can invoke the following command line utility to get all the subcommands:

$ ./bin/alluxio fsadmin
Usage: alluxio fsadmin [generic options]
       [ufs --mode <noAccess/readOnly/readWrite> <ufsPath>]

The fsadmin ufs subcommand takes the UFS URI as an argument, the argument should be the root UFS URI of the format hdfs://<name-service>/, and not the under storage mount point URI itself, e.g., hdfs://<name-service>/<folder>.

List of Operations

backup backup [directory] [--local] backs up all Alluxio metadata to the backup directory configured on master. The directory to back up to can be overridden by specifying a directory here. The directory path is relative to the root UFS. To write the backup to the local disk of the primary master, use --local and specify a filesystem path. Backing up metadata requires a pause in master metadata changes, so use this command sparingly to avoid interfering with other users of the system.
doctor doctor [category] show Alluxio errors and warnings. Where [category] is an optional argument. If no arguments are passed in, all categories of errors/warnings will be printed out. [category] can be one of the following configuration: server-side configuration errors/warnings
report report [category] [category args] Report Alluxio running cluster information. Where [category] is an optional argument. If no arguments are passed in, if no arguments are passed in, summary information will be printed out. [category] can be one of the following: capacity, metrics, summary, ufs.
ufs ufs --mode <noAccess/readOnly/readWrite> "ufsPath" update attributes for a mounted under storage system.

Example Use Cases


The ufs command provides options to update attributes of a mounted under storage. The option mode can be used to put an under storage in maintenance mode. Such a mode can be used to restrict operations to the under storage.

For example, an under storage can enter readOnly mode to disallow write operations. Alluxio will not attempt any write operations on the under storage. Asynchronous write operations will be attempted once the under storage mode permits a write.

$ ./bin/alluxio fsadmin ufs --mode readOnly hdfs://ns