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For portability with other languages, the Alluxio API is also accessible via an HTTP proxy in the form of a REST API.

The REST API documentation is generated as part of Alluxio build and accessible through ${ALLUXIO_HOME}/core/server/proxy/target/miredot/index.html. The main difference between the REST API and the Alluxio Java API is in how streams are represented. While the Alluxio Java API can use in-memory streams, the REST API decouples the stream creation and access (see the create and open REST API methods and the streams resource endpoints for details).

The HTTP proxy is a standalone server that can be started using ${ALLUXIO_HOME}/bin/ proxy and stopped using ${ALLUXIO_HOME}/bin/ proxy. By default, the REST API is available on port 39999.

There are performance implications of using the HTTP proxy. In particular, using the proxy requires an extra hop. For optimal performance, it is recommended to run the proxy server and an Alluxio worker on each compute node.