Configuring Alluxio with CDH HDFS

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This guide describes how to configure Alluxio with Cloudera Distribution (CDH) HDFS as the under storage system.


You should already have Cloudera’s Distribution HDFS installed.

Mounting CDH HDFS

CDH HDFS can be mounted to Alluxio at the root of the Alluxio namespace, or at a nested directory.

Root Mount

When installing Alluxio, the configuration settings must be specified in conf/


Nested Mount

Alluxio’s Command Line Interface can be used to mount CDH HDFS to a nested directory in the Alluxio namespace.

$ ./bin/alluxio fs mount --option alluxio.underfs.hdfs.version=cdh5.8 /mnt/cdh_hdfs hdfs://<NAMENODE_HOSTNAME>:8020/alluxio/data

Run Sample Tests

The simple tests can be run using the Alluxio Command Line Interface.

$ ./bin/alluxio runTests