Java Setup

Slack Docker Pulls

Mac OS X

  1. Download the latest Java JDK from Oracle
  2. From either the Downloads window of the browser, or from the file browser, double click the .dmg file to launch it.
  3. A Finder window appears containing an icon of an open box and the name of the .pkg file. Double click the package icon to launch the Install app.
  4. The Install app displays the Introduction window. Click Continue.
  5. The Installation Type window appears. Click Install.
  6. A window appears which says “Installer is trying to install new software. Type your password to allow this.” Enter the Administrator login and password and click Install Software.
  7. The software is installed and a confirmation window appears. Click the ReadMe for more information about the installation.


  1. Download the latest Java JDK from Oracle
  2. Change directory to the location where you would like the JDK to be installed. Move the .tar.gz archive binary to the current directory.
  3. Unpack the tarball and install the JDK.
$ tar zxvf jdk-7u<version>-linux-x64.tar.gz
  1. The Java Development Kit files are installed in a directory called jdk1.7.0_ in the current directory. Delete the .tar.gz file if you want to save disk space.