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Alluxio Enterprise v1.8.2

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio Enterprise Edition 1.8.2. This release provides new features, enhancements and usability improvements. Highlights for the release are listed below.

New Features

Alluxio FUSE Improvements

Alluxio FUSE has always been popular with users due to the ease of use. Alluxio 1.8.2 includes many improvements to the API in terms of performance and capability. Some of the key changes are listed below:

  • Fix FUSE write then read and write then get status issues.
  • Support allow_other/allow_root fuse mount option to allow other users or root to access the fuse mount point
  • Support specifying mode when creating a new file/directory
  • Support specifying group name of a file/directory

GCS Version 2

GCS version 2 is a newer version of Google cloud storage and Alluxio integration using Google Cloud API. It supports using Google application credentials as an authentication mechanism instead of interoperability access/secret keypair and has better read/write performance. The older library for GCS integration, Jets3t, is no longer actively maintained, but it is still a supported UFS module for users relying on interoperability keys as an authentication method.

Other Changes

  • Support more than one iteration of nested mounts (nested mount within a nested mount)
  • Support updating a mount point without unmounting
  • Support Connections to Multiple ZK Quorums with different authentication types
  • Hide AWS credentials in the mount command
  • Fix allow chown/chmod for file owner without write privilege
  • Performance improvements for certain CLI commands
  • Performance enhancements for ObjectStore UFS
  • Various stability fixes
  • QoL fixes/improvements