Running Spark on Alluxio in DC/OS

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Spark on Alluxio DC/OS v2.3.0-2.1.2-1.0

This guide describes how to run Apache Spark on Alluxio in a DC/OS environment with framework v2.3.0-2.1.2-1.0.


  • A DC/OS cluster
  • A Docker registry on the DC/OS cluster

Build Spark Docker Image

The DC/OS CLI subcommand dcos alluxio-enterprise can be used to build a custom Spark image with the Alluxio client jar and client side configuration required to connect with an Alluxio cluster deployed on DC/OS.

dcos alluxio-enterprise plan start build-spark-client -p DOCKER_PUBLISH_URL=<registry-host>:<registry-port> -p DOCKER_SPARK_CLIENT_BASE=mesosphere/spark:1.0.6-2.0.2-hadoop-2.6 -p DOCKER_SPARK_DIST_HOME=/opt/spark/dist


  • DOCKER_PUBLISH_URL: Docker registry URL to push the built custom Spark image.
  • DOCKER_SPARK_CLIENT_BASE: The Docker image containing the desired Spark version.
  • DOCKER_SPARK_DIST_HOME: Path to Spark home within the Docker image. Alluxio client jar and configuration will be copied over into this location.

Run a Spark Job on Alluxio

SSH into a DC/OS node and run the Spark Docker image.

$ sudo docker run -it --net=host <registry-host>:<registry-port>/alluxio/spark-aee /bin/bash

From within the Docker image run the Spark shell.

$ ./bin/spark-shell --master mesos://master.mesos:5050 --conf "" --conf "spark.mesos.executor.docker.forcePullImage=false" --conf "spark.scheduler.minRegisteredResourcesRatio=1" --conf "spark.scheduler.maxRegisteredResourcesWaitingTime=5s" --conf "spark.driver.extraClassPath=/opt/spark/dist/jars/alluxio-enterprise-2.1.2-1.0-client.jar" --conf "spark.executor.extraClassPath=/opt/spark/dist/jars/alluxio-enterprise-2.1.2-1.0-client.jar" --executor-memory 1G

Note: For locality, please ensure that Spark executors are registered on every node running an Alluxio worker before running a job. You can check the status by visiting the Mesos Web UI at <DC/OS DnsAddress>/mesos. Once the cluster is ready for use, you will see the task status change from Staging to Running for each Spark executor.

Change path/to/file to the path of the file you want to run the Spark count job on.

scala> sc.setLogLevel("INFO")
scala> val file = sc.textFile("alluxio://master-0-node.alluxio-enterprise.mesos:19998/path/to/file")
scala> file.count()

Run the job again to see performance benefits with Alluxio. Note that a Spark locality level of NODE_LOCAL indicates that locality was achieved.