Client Logging

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This page summarizes how to find client-specific logs and modify logging levels in order to debug client-side issues with Alluxio.

Log Location and Log Levels

We recommend looking at the documentation of the particular compute framework used to determine where to find Alluxio client logs and how to set the logging level.

Below are links to the documentation of particular compute frameworks with information on where logs may be found and how to configure them.

Note that while Alluxio uses log4j, the location of client logs varies by compute framework but will typically be found in the same location as the application logs.

Remote Logging

Logging can be configured to send log files to a remote server via a SocketAppender

Include a SocketAppender in the logging configuration by adding it to the file that the compute framework utilizes for logging.

An example configuration for a SocketAppender can be found below:

# Appender to send logs to a log server
log4j.appender.CLIENT_REMOTE_LOGGER.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ISO8601} %-5p %c{1} - %m%n

Enable the CLIENT_REMOTE_LOGGER appender by adding it to an existing logger within the a log4j configuration:


Again, refer to the documentation for the corresponding framework linked in the previous section to locate the log4j configuration file.