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This document lists features that are not backward compatible.


Alluxio journal needs to be upgraded manually when upgrading Alluxio cluster to >= 1.5.0 from any Alluxio cluster < 1.5.0 by running the following commands in the home directory of the new cluster.

# Back up the v0 journal to avoid losing data in case of failures while running journal upgrader.
cp -r YourJournalDirectoryV0 YourJournalBackupDirectory
# Upgrade the journal.
./bin/alluxio upgradeJournal -journalDirectoryV0 YourJournalDirectoryV0 

Alluxio client and server

Alluxio 1.5.0 introduces a new data transfer protocol between the client and Alluxio workers which makes Alluxio client and server incompatible with Alluxio clusters < 1.5.0. So the Alluxio client and server needs to be upgraded together when upgrading Alluxio cluster to >= 1.5.0 from Alluxio cluster < 1.5.0.