Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

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This document goes over how to upgrade from Alluxio 1.x to Alluxio 2.x

Upgrade to 1.8.1 and create a backup

alluxio-1.8.1 introduced a journal backup feature. With a 1.8.1 master running, create a journal backup by running

$ ./bin/alluxio fsadmin backup

This will print something like

Successfully backed up journal to ${BACKUP_PATH}

${BACKUP_PATH} will be determined by the date, and the configuration of your journal.

Upgrade to 2.x and start from backup

Next, download and untar alluxio-2.x. First format the cluster with

$ ./bin/alluxio format

Then start the cluster with the -i ${BACKUP_PATH} argument, replacing ${BACKUP_PATH} with your specific backup path.

$ ./bin/alluxio-start.sh -i ${BACKUP_PATH} all

Upgrade Clients and Servers

Alluxio 2.x makes significant changes in the RPC layer, so pre-2.0.0 clients do not work with post-2.0.0 servers, and vice-versa. Upgrade all applications to use the alluxio-2.x client.