Release Notes

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December 7, 2021


Improve S3 API

  • Fix S3 API ListStatus return value (635ceb)
  • Clean tmp directory and file when initate multipart download (3edc44)
  • Use virtual functions instead of AmazonS3 for temp token refresh (bc84a90a1)
  • Modify S3ALowLevelOutputStream for potential AmazonS3 client refresh (566ecd26)
  • Fix S3 complete multipart upload request timeout (2e046aa)
  • Modify the variable access modifier for usage in S3A ufs stream sublcass (e5e53e08)
  • Refactor s3client creation (24cd14d5e)
  • Fix S3 API ListObject and ListObjectV2 (6a2f4ed)

Avoid Pitfull of ForkJoinPool.commonPool

  • Change the thread pool for CompletableFuture.runAsync (2e2914)
  • Change JournalStateMachine’s executor service (7a2aaa)


Improvements Since 2.7.0

  • Support Job master audit log (b7b239)
  • Refactor ExecutorServiceBuilder and add to Worker gRPC server (635ceb)
  • Enable standalone Fuse JVM pause monitoring service (1dabaeb)
  • Add API to resolve mount id from ufs path in FileSystem (4f6336a6)
  • Add mask in logging request (3bf31e7)
  • Enable mount specific dir in Alluxio in helm chart (ea84a93)
  • Correct the property name in the helm charts (cc3ed9e)
  • Make short-circuit can fall back to gRPC when path notfound (11e47c)
  • Display unescape the ufs URI (4acb22)
  • Fix missing placeholder in metric names (998e6ca)
  • Add another call to ensure compatibility with zk 3.4 (b9a472)
  • Enable Zookeeper 3.4 compatibility mode for ZKMasterInquireClient (48cdef9e)
  • Update register stream timestamp more often (62f980)
  • Support retry until policy give up (15f8b3b)
  • Add gitignore for intermediate go binaries (2a56d12)
  • Improve/fix/upgrade CSI template (051186f)
  • Add clear metadata cache logic (b892c64)
  • Update Code Conventions doc (f7b7558)
  • Add limitation for S3 API Doc (e01081a)
  • Update Contributor Tools Doc (432577)

Bugfixes Since 2.7.0

  • Fix distributedCp test (35639)
  • Use Powermock annotation to support javax.crypto (ea4d76)
  • Fix redundant free when inAlluxio percentage is 0 (e931e1f8)


We want to thank the community for their valuable contributions to the Alluxio 2.7.1 release. Especially, we would like to thank:

Kevin Cai (kevincai), Liwei Wang (jffree), Tao He (sighingnow), XiChen (xichen01), Yantao xue (jhonxue) Yaolong Liu (codings-dan), Bing Zheng (bzheng888), Tianbao Ding (flaming-archer), Zheng Han (jayzhenghan), Jieliang Li (ljl1988com), Tom Lee, (tomscut), Baolong Mao (maobaolong), Lei Qian (qian0817)

Enjoy the new release and look forward to hearing your feedback on our Community Slack Channel.