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Welcome to Alluxio Documentation! You will find resources regarding deploying Alluxio, integrations with various tech stacks, API references, and more! If you have any questions, join our Alluxio Community Slack → alluxio.io/slack

Get Started with Alluxio

Quick Start Guide

Check out our Quick Start Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to download and configure Alluxio, run Alluxio on a local machine, and perform basic tasks via Alluxio Shell.

▶️ Get Alluxio Up & Running in Less Than 3 Min! (2:36)

Install Alluxio on Kubernetes

See Install Alluxio on Kubernetes on how to install Alluxio on Kubernetes via Helm, a kubernetes package manager, and Operator, a kubernetes extension for managing applications.

Check out these 2 short videos on deployment and best practices with configurations & recommendations:

Install Alluxio on Bare Metal

Make sure you have the proper Software Requirements, then follow Install Alluxio Cluster with HA to deploy an Alluxio cluster with High Availability (HA), which is achieved by running multiple Alluxio master processes on different nodes in the system.

Install Alluxio on Docker

You can run an Alluxio cluster with a couple of docker run commands by following our tutorial for running Dockerized Alluxio on a single node with local disk as the under storage at Install Alluxio on Docker.

Run a Compute Framework with Alluxio

Connect a Storage Service to Alluxio

Take a look at Storage Integrations Overview for a list of all storage systems available to integrate with Alluxio and its necessary prerequisites.

Ask a Question to Alluxio Community

Join our vibrant and fast-growing Alluxio Community Slack Channel to connect with users & developers of Alluxio. If you need help running Alluxio or encounter any blockers, send your technical questions to our #troubleshooting channel. If you are a developer looking to contribute to Alluxio, check out the #dev channel.

Contribute to the Open Source Project

Become a contributor! Follow our Contribution Guide to learn how to fork the Alluxio repository and take on a new contributor task.