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This guide describes how to configure Alluxio with Ceph Object Storage as the under storage system.

Ceph Object Storage is a distributed, open-source storage system designed for storing and retrieving large amounts of unstructured data. It provides a scalable and highly available storage solution that can be deployed on commodity hardware.

Alluxio supports two different clients APIs to connect to Ceph Object Storage using Rados Gateway. For more information, please read its documentation.


If you haven’t already, please see Prerequisites before you get started.

In preparation for using Ceph Object Storage with Alluxio:

<CEPH_BUCKET> Create a new S3 bucket or use an existing bucket
<CEPH_DIRECTORY> The directory you want to use in the bucket, either by creating a new directory or using an existing one
<S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID> Used to sign programmatic requests made to AWS. See How to Obtain Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
<S3_SECRET_KEY> Used to sign programmatic requests made to AWS. See How to Obtain Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
<RGW_HOSTNAME> The host for the Ceph Object Gateway instance, which can be an IP address or a hostname. Read more
<RGW_PORT> The port the instance listens for requests and if not specified, Ceph Object Gateway runs external FastCGI. Read more

Basic Setup

To use Ceph Object Storage as the UFS of Alluxio root mount point, you need to configure Alluxio to use under storage systems by modifying conf/alluxio-site.properties. If it does not exist, create the configuration file from the template.

$ cp conf/alluxio-site.properties.template conf/alluxio-site.properties

Modify conf/alluxio-site.properties to include:


If using a Ceph release such as hammer (or older) specify alluxio.underfs.s3.signer.algorithm=S3SignerType to use v2 S3 signatures. To use GET Bucket (List Objects) Version 1 specify alluxio.underfs.s3.list.objects.v1=true.

Running Alluxio Locally with Ceph

Once you have configured Alluxio to Ceph Object Storage, try running Alluxio locally to see that everything works.

Advanced Setup

Access Control

If Alluxio security is enabled, Alluxio enforces the access control inherited from underlying Ceph Object Storage. Depending on the interace used, refer to S3 Access Control or