FUSE SDK with Distributed Cache Quick Start

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If FUSE SDK can optional provide L1 cache (local node metadata/data cache) capability, Alluxio cluster can provide L2 cache (local/nearby cluster metadata/data cache).

This suits the use cases that

  • Need data sharing between nodes or tasks
  • The total data accessed by a single node is bigger than the local node cache capability


  • Only support one under storage dataset and is not modifiable
  • Only support read-only workloads

Launch FUSE SDK Connect to the distributed cache cluster

Launch FUSE SDK with the same configuration (same <ALLUXIO_HOME>/conf/) as launching the Alluxio cluster. Other configuration is the same as launching a standalone FUSE SDK.

$ alluxio-fuse mount <under_storage_dataset> <mount_point> -o option

<under_storage_dataset> should be exactly the same as the configured alluxio.dora.client.ufs.root.

All the metadata and data will be cached by Alluxio workers. Optional disable default FUSE SDK local metadata cache with -o local_metadata_cache_size=0.